May 19, 2016

Technology has interested me since high school

“In high school my dream was to be a graduate engineer. Although the vision was clear I somehow ended up studying health informatics. That wasn’t a bad choice but I understood that I wanted to study more technical issues. In June I’m graduating from Tampere University of Technology and can finally say that I’m Master of Science in Technology.

At Profit Software I started a year ago. I’m a Developer. My task is to solve different kinds of issues, develop new stuff, fix bugs, and communicate with colleagues. I could continue this list endlessly since our job varies based on projects. Simply put: it’s about creating code with logical mindset.

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Maria Aarneva

April 22, 2016

Master of Psychology who became an IT expert

“My career in the IT field started over 20 years ago when I was looking for an internship. I was studying psychology and found a job ad from our department. A company was looking for a trainee in usability and I thought it sounded interesting. I got the job and after a few months I knew that I had found my area of work.

Working as a Business analyst is diverse. My tasks vary: they’re about analyzing requirements we receive from customer, planning solutions to those requirements, but also co-operating with developers, testers, and other stakeholders. Besides all mentioned I’m product owner in one of our customer projects which means that I’m responsible for the product features that we deliver to our customer.

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April 21, 2016

Profit Life&Pension now supports business analytics tool

Profit Software has chosen BIME Business Intelligence (BI) tool for creating customized reports and analysis. BIME is a separately licensed third party tool, but it’s closely integrated to Profit Life&Pension (PLP).

Some benefits that BIME offers:

  • Enables an agile way of producing different kinds of reports. Users have an easy access to business related reports like sales reports and product life cycle reports
  • Works in all devices and has full scalability
  • Up-to-date information and comprehensive graphic elements

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March 14, 2016

Profit Software reports solid growth in the fiscal year 2015

Profit Software’s financial statement for the fiscal year 2015 has been confirmed. Revenue was 10,8 million euros and grew with 8%, compared to the previous year (10M EUR in 2014). Besides the growth Profit Software reported a good business profit.

-Market situation in this sector is tight. Last year our first system in Sweden went into production. This was an opening for us but our goal is to solidify our position in the Nordics. In order to support this we will establish a local office in Stockholm during this year, tells CEO Ilkka Starck.

Headcount has increased from 87 (2014) to 105. Profit’s outlook for the year 2016 is positive.

For further information please contact:
Profit Software, CEO Ilkka Starck, Phone. +358 40 760 0074


March 1, 2016

Profit Software attends to Key to the Future student event in Tallinn

Key to the Future” is the biggest Estonian student career event, organized by BEST-Estonia that annually draws together over a thousand students and tens of companies. It’s organized on the 2nd of March at Tallinn University of Technology. More than 50 companies and 3000 students are expected to participate.

Welcome to our stand (number 48)!

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Trond january blog

February 22, 2016

Swedish and Norwegian life and pension insurance market – how our solution fits in it

In this blog I will give my view and observations of the similarities and differences on the pension and life insurance market in Sweden and Norway. In addition, how Profit Software’s solution fits the life and pension insurance companies’ demand for modern and effective systems for administration of their pension products and policies.

Similarities in the national pension models
The pension system in Sweden and Norway consist of three levels. If we use the analogy of a pyramid, the ground level is the national insurance scheme, which includes the pension benefit managed by the government. The second level is the mandatory occupational pension, consisting of pension accrued from your work life. The third level and top of the pyramid, is the voluntary private pension savings. The two top levels are managed by private insurance companies, which are Profit Software’s customers. The pension model is quite similar in Norway and Sweden.

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BY trond neergaard, sales director, profit software


January 8, 2016

Be active, be confident, and develop yourself – thoughts from one internship

I consider myself in the majority in that when I started my journey into the world of programming, I didn’t have a clue of what I was getting into or what my job would end up being. Software development can be an ambiguous term for someone just starting programming, especially if they have no previous contact with the field. For most people it generally means writing code, but not much else beyond that, so it’s no surprise a starting IT student might have no idea what he could end up doing. University does a good job of giving you a good base to start on, but it barely scratches the surface when it comes to actual development.

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BY Heigo Kruusimaa, Developer at Profit Software


January 4, 2016

361 days ahead

Happy New Year! Bank of Finland’s economic outlook from December shows that Finland’s economic situation remains challenging. Under these circumstances, we can be very pleased with the performance of the company and look positively forward to the new year 2016. Our first system in Sweden went into production in September. This was a tight project but I couldn’t be happier of the outcome.

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BY Ilkka Starck, CEO, Profit Software

December 14, 2015

This Christmas Profit Software supports Tallinn Children’s Hospital Foundation

This Christmas our charity target is Tallinn’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to contribute to a child-friendly hospital and to provide the best possible medical care at the Tallinn Children’s Hospital. Nearly 12,000 children are treated in the hospital yearly.

Part of the donation was raised through sport activities that Profit Software employees’ did last summer. In total Profit Software’s employees worked out for 2000 hours to contribute to the fundraising.

Profit Software wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!

November 9, 2015

Why should your company choose Profit Software’s Claim Outpayment Manager?

There are many challenges when talking about outpayment systems. The first one is that traditionally insurance companies have several policy and claims management systems, each one having its own outpayment functionality.

Massive, statutory changes that affect all companies are also a challenge. A good example of this is SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) which has changed payment transmissions in many ways. From an outpayment system view, SEPA is a multidimensional implementation project, since changes need to be made to several systems which is both time-consuming and costly.

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