May 15, 2017

A quality internship creates the foundation for your future career

”My journey in the software industry has not been completely straightforward. As a child I enjoyed playing computer games but the real passion for IT caught fire later in life. During high school I pondered my career options and information technology seemed like a natural and safe choice.

When I started studying in 2003, programming quickly became my favorite subject. My other major was total quality management. My initial plan was to focus on this, but in the end programming felt more suitable for me. Some years after graduation, in 2011, I was looking for a new job and found myself doubting the decisions I had made. Was IT really the path for me? Were there enough employment opportunities in the area I was living in? I gave the idea of a career change some serious thought. I had always enjoyed helping others and thought about becoming a registered nurse. Soon, however, the IT industry was calling for me again as I found an interesting job opening in a local startup. After working in the startup for a year I moved on to Profit Software and haven’t doubted my decisions since.

I came to Profit Software in May 2012; I have been in the company for five years. I’m a developer and a team manager. My main task is software development. This includes planning, programming, testing and sometimes even demoing our work to the customer. A team manager’s work includes working as a local contact for the team members and helping with HR related issues as well as technical concerns. The thing that I enjoy most about my work is seeing the difference that my own guidance can make on the development of others. I might start by instructing a co-worker with technical difficulties and after a while witness them forwarding the knowledge onto somebody else in need of help. Of course my own personal learning gives me a sense satisfaction as well: when I have a particularly tough nut to crack and I manage to solve it. This type of gratification is more fleeting, though.

The IT industry is anything but static. Our field is progressing constantly and the workers have to develop themselves, too. This is also one of the downsides of this line of business: it is quite easy to burn out when you are constantly trying to improve yourself. The insurance software industry offers a relieve in this matter. Our customers, banks and insurance companies, are quite conservative in their movements and this effects the pace of technological changes in our work as well. The future might bring a shift to this, though. Even the insurance industry could become more rapidly changing as digitalization and new fintech innovations march on with evolving customer needs.

For someone who is thinking about the software industry for their future career I would recommend studying logic, not only math! Logic could be introduced to children a lot earlier during their school years, maybe already in elementary school. I would also recommend studying English and programming languages, like java and c languages. However, there is one thing that I would stress over all others. That is a good and instructive internship period. A quality internship is a milestone that creates the foundation for your future career. In Profit Software we have a number of trainees working in the company and I’m glad that we can play a part in the education of the programmers of the future.”

Santeri Vesalainen works at Profit Software as a Developer