September 6, 2016

I am on the right track

My journey with Profit Software started at the “Key to the future” fair. After signing up, completing the test task and two pleasant interviews, I got the offer to start my internship in June with good outlooks to the future. My first week mostly consisted of getting to know people who work in my proximity and setting up my environment. Also, I got my first bug-fix assigned to me. Then, after a week I was participating in my first meeting with my soon-to-be teammates. The atmosphere was great and after the initial introduction we could talk freely and discuss our next actions. I like to think of myself as an open and talkative person and that has been welcomed in the company.

Then, before I knew it, I was already writing code daily and feeling great. I have always felt that if I were to have any problems or questions there is someone I can turn to and get the necessary help, since the workers are really top of their trade and there is lot to learn from them. That kind of reassurance is vital for someone starting to progress in their trade. Having daily short meetings and checkups with our leads and considering ideas, to make our process and results better is both motivating and there is always the feeling of being involved in something bigger. During the 3 months I can honestly note real improvements in my own skills and practices and not only in the aspect of developing. My communication skills were also tested and I learned a lot about myself.

As in every trade, there have been moments, when I really needed to dig deep and find a solution to a problem, but once I found it, I felt as amazing as ever. From the day I started working here, I have found a purpose and feel motivated to overcome the possible obstacles. For me the best part has been that I have really gotten an image of what life as a developer looks like, and it appeals to me greatly. I am on the right track. I have enjoyed the fact that my process as a human and as a developer has been getting better daily.

Right now, my goal is to be a noteworthy worker for the company and one day become someone others can turn to. On a few occasions I can humbly say that I have been able to give useful advice to someone in need of it.

This traineeship has been a wonderful experience for me and I look forward to keeping on it and getting better.

BY Henry Kukk, Developer at Profit Software