Mikko Hietaoja

March 13, 2017

From electronical engineering to software design

“I ended up studying electronical engineering since there wasn’t any suitable options to study computer science. I finished my studies and decided to continue with software design since that had been my goal since high school. While studying I didn’t have a proper understanding of this field but working at the industry opened my eyes for all possibilities.

I have been at Profit Software a year and two months. I’m working as a Developer. My job includes software design: fixing code, making a new one, testing it etc. This work is multidimensional and there’s lot of different nuances. Basically I see that I have to make sure that the code I make works.

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Juha_kuva muistokirjoitukseen intra

February 22, 2017

In memoriam: Juha Saksi 1963-2017

We have lost a colleague and a friend.

Juha graduated from Helsinki University of Technology in 1988 and in 2004 he finished eMBA studies at the same university. Juha had a wide background in information security software in several different companies. His expertise, professionalism and input will be missed.

Juha came to Profit in 2010 together with some other management group members. At that time our direction was not too clear but slowly and steadily it started to brighten up. Juha’s role as Sales and Marketing lead has been crucial when accomplishing new customerships, projects and business cases.

Far more important than Juha’s achievements in business life is the fact that he was a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a friend. His humor was timely and most of the time we could see a smiling colleague. During spare time we knew that he would head towards golf courses and in winter time he used to go skiing.

Juha’s death came as a surprise to us. We hoped that the given treatment would help but this time the story did not end as hoped. Our deepest condolences to Juha’s family.

Juha, we miss you and you will always be a part of the Profit team.


In memory of Juha,

the whole Profit company


February 20, 2017

People create work environment

”Originally I planned to work in the army and build a soldier career. But for particular reasons that didn’t happen. I think I’m at this industry not because I would be talented in math or physics but because I’m good in IT.

I started at Profit in August 2015. In the beginning of 2016 I got a chance to be a team leader, this beside my work as Software Testing Engineer. Our team works with automated testing, manual testing, bug fixes etc. To put it simple: my main task is to verify that software is stable. Other part of my work is being a manager. I enjoy it very much. Best thing in my work is the environment we have. I like to talk with people and help others. From technical point the best thing is to get results from the work we do.

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Marko Männistö

January 13, 2017

I chose between chemistry and computer science

“Working at software industry has been pretty clear to me since elementary school. I chose between chemistry and computer science since those options felt most natural to me. Computer science won and I must say that it has been the right choice.

I have been working at Profit Software for five years. I’m a Developer. I think that this role varies based on the projects you’re working in. Currently I work in one customer project’s service desk. In practice this means that I give product support. Sometimes tasks are easy, sometimes it takes several days before I’m able to solve the challenge.

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December 19, 2016

Fightback stole our hearts

Last summer we had the privilege to have Pekka Hyysalo visiting us. There’s many exceptional things in the story. First is of course the fact that he survived from the serious skiing accident that happened in 2010. Maybe even bigger issue is the attitude, positivity, and perseverance that Pekka passes on to all of us.

Few years after the injury Pekka decided that he would like to help other people with head traumas. FightBack was founded in 2013, and today besides helping others it stands for positive thinking, persistence and not giving up.

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Nikolai Boiko

December 15, 2016

My parents encouraged me to choose computer science 

“I got good grades in school, but wasn’t sure what I should study. My parents, especially my father encouraged me to study computer science. After I graduated from university I started to work with manual testing and then switched to test automation.

I came to Profit in 2013. I’m working as Test Automation Engineer. To put the story short, my job is to create scripts that perform testing automatically. This speeds up the process of testing dramatically and enables manual testing to be more intelligent. Our work is based on scenarios: how software should behave in different situations. I’m basically the last point after developers and business analysts have done their job.

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November 10, 2016

Specialist role suits me best

“My plan was originally to work with electronics but when I started to do my software related thesis for Nokia that changed. After my thesis I stayed there for fifteen years and altogether I have been working at software industry for twenty years.

I started as Developer at Profit Software in June 2015. Lately I’ve worked with cloud service issues and devops. I like this very much since I have a chance to develop myself and for a change I work alone, not in a project. Don’t get me wrong, both methods suit me fine but it’s good to have some variation. Now, when I work mostly alone I have a chance to split my day how I like.

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October 18, 2016

I’m able to see concrete outcome of my work 

“My interest towards IT started at the end of secondary school. In the middle of 90’s IT was one of the most promising and interesting things in Estonia.

I have worked at Profit for 10 years. I’m both Project manager and Developer. In my work I need project management skills but can also learn different things as Developer.

In this work I like most independency. I feel that there is always space for creativity and how things are implemented. After workday it’s nice that I can see my results immediately, I have done something concrete. Of course I have to mention that my colleagues and good working environment are important things as well.

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October 10, 2016

Less is more

When I approached usability the first time I didn´t have a clear idea about it: is it about graphic design or what? After spending some time on it I got the main idea behind it. The user is in the center and the technology is designed around the user.

Technology changes all the time, but the user is still there. Software development should start by identifying the target audience. Who are users and what they are trying to do? Once the user is identified, next step is understanding why the user needs the software and how it needs to work. Nobody wants to be good at excel just for the sake of it. People want to be good at excel to be able to manipulate data for statistical, engineering or financial needs.

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BY Irene Palazzo, Business analyst at Profit Software

September 19, 2016

Profit Software attends to StrategiTorget Försäkring event in Stockholm

StrategiTorget Försäkring is held in Stockholm during 20th and 21st of September.

Main themes at this year’s event are:

  • Digital platforms and customized internet solutions
  • Customer focus – strategy and innovation
  • How do insurance companies fit into sharing economy and its new business models?
  • IDD and MiFID 2 – regulation of financial guidance 2017

StrategiTorget Försäkring is organized by Management Events.

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