PLP Claim Outpayment modules and functionalities


PLP Claim Outpayment Manager is designed to pay out claims and premium refunds. It receives the monetary claim / premium return amount from source systems and manages the rest of the process independently. In recurring claims it manages beneficiaries, beneficiaries’ shares, payment receivers and claim reserves throughout the whole pay-out period.


  • Divides claim amount to beneficiaries and payment receivers
  • Deducts taxes
  • Exports outgoing money files to banks
  • Creates bookkeeping entries
  • Orders printouts and creates printout data
  • Creates internal reports of claims and of deducted taxes
  • Creates tax authority reports

Bases on automatic processes

  • The whole claim and premium outpayment process is automatized; in case manual handling is needed, the system writes a workflow message to users
  • Similar process for all claim types –  rules are parameterized by claim types
  • Offers full audit trail for the whole money process