May 22, 2017

Acronyms of the day: GDPR and PLP

Big data has been a buzz word of the IT world for some years already. With increasing computing efficiency data is turning into a big business. We all generate data to various actors just by living, consuming, transporting. As more and more data is being collected, cyber security threats are real risks and taken seriously by serious operators. EU including.

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BY Anni Siitonen, Business Analyst at Profit Software

October 10, 2016

Less is more

When I approached usability the first time I didn´t have a clear idea about it: is it about graphic design or what? After spending some time on it I got the main idea behind it. The user is in the center and the technology is designed around the user.

Technology changes all the time, but the user is still there. Software development should start by identifying the target audience. Who are users and what they are trying to do? Once the user is identified, next step is understanding why the user needs the software and how it needs to work. Nobody wants to be good at excel just for the sake of it. People want to be good at excel to be able to manipulate data for statistical, engineering or financial needs.

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BY Irene Palazzo, Business analyst at Profit Software

September 6, 2016

I am on the right track

My journey with Profit Software started at the “Key to the future” fair. After signing up, completing the test task and two pleasant interviews, I got the offer to start my internship in June with good outlooks to the future. My first week mostly consisted of getting to know people who work in my proximity and setting up my environment. Also, I got my first bug-fix assigned to me. Then, after a week I was participating in my first meeting with my soon-to-be teammates. The atmosphere was great and after the initial introduction we could talk freely and discuss our next actions. I like to think of myself as an open and talkative person and that has been welcomed in the company.

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BY Henry Kukk, Developer at Profit Software

February 22, 2016

Swedish and Norwegian life and pension insurance market – how our solution fits in it

In this blog I will give my view and observations of the similarities and differences on the pension and life insurance market in Sweden and Norway. In addition, how Profit Software’s solution fits the life and pension insurance companies’ demand for modern and effective systems for administration of their pension products and policies.

Similarities in the national pension models
The pension system in Sweden and Norway consist of three levels. If we use the analogy of a pyramid, the ground level is the national insurance scheme, which includes the pension benefit managed by the government. The second level is the mandatory occupational pension, consisting of pension accrued from your work life. The third level and top of the pyramid, is the voluntary private pension savings. The two top levels are managed by private insurance companies, which are Profit Software’s customers. The pension model is quite similar in Norway and Sweden.

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BY trond neergaard, sales director, profit software

January 8, 2016

Be active, be confident, and develop yourself – thoughts from one internship

I consider myself in the majority in that when I started my journey into the world of programming, I didn’t have a clue of what I was getting into or what my job would end up being. Software development can be an ambiguous term for someone just starting programming, especially if they have no previous contact with the field. For most people it generally means writing code, but not much else beyond that, so it’s no surprise a starting IT student might have no idea what he could end up doing. University does a good job of giving you a good base to start on, but it barely scratches the surface when it comes to actual development.

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BY Heigo Kruusimaa, Developer at Profit Software

January 4, 2016

361 days ahead

Happy New Year! Bank of Finland’s economic outlook from December shows that Finland’s economic situation remains challenging. Under these circumstances, we can be very pleased with the performance of the company and look positively forward to the new year 2016. Our first system in Sweden went into production in September. This was a tight project but I couldn’t be happier of the outcome.

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BY Ilkka Starck, CEO, Profit Software

September 15, 2015

The future is in our hands

Last week we held Profit Life&Pension User Club event to our Finnish customers. This year’s theme concentrated on digitalization of financial services and what that means for operators like banks, insurance companies and for us, a software company that delivers solutions to insurers.

Our guest speaker, Professor Matti Pohjola from Aalto University, presented his findings in the report “Digitalization and productivity in the financial sector”. He emphasized that the key issue that financial sector needs to keep in mind is to develop their businesses gradually, everything can’t be done at once. According to Professor Pohjola’s report companies that can combine people, digital platforms, efficient procedures and global business, are going to be the most successful ones.*

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BY Linda Strömsten, Marketing Director at Profit Software

August 26, 2015

Who wants to be a tester?

About a year ago, I was sitting in a class room and my professor was asking us, first year IT students, who of us thinks to become a tester? Not one hand was raised. Even I didn’t raise my hand, because I never even thought about becoming one.

Besides every IT student wants to be a great developer, that’s why most of them go to study informatics in the first place. No one thinks of settling for the “second best” job – testing.

Somehow our IT studies never emphasize the importance and the impact testing has on the project. That said, by the end of my first semester, not one class mentioned testing. No wonder students do not even think of their future as testing engineers.

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BY Tatjana Kruglova, Test Engineer at Profit Software

May 19, 2015

Project success depends on good requirements

Well-defined requirements are the most important cornerstone in developing successful software. Even if everything else in your project is perfect – you have an experienced team, professionally managed project, resources in abundance – the outcome of the project may be less than satisfactory, if the requirements don’t serve their purpose.

It doesn’t actually come as a surprise to those who work in software projects that good requirements are rare. It’s typical to express “requirements” as wish lists of features and functionality. Sad to say, but wish lists aren’t proper requirements. They have some fundamental problems that often make them less than useful for development teams who are to trying to fulfill customer expectations.

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BY Maria Aarneva, Business Analyst, Profit Software

April 16, 2015

Benefits of RESTing – a developer’s view

In many enterprises, the number of different software systems can be huge. These systems are connected to each other in order to transfer information from one system to another automatically, thus forming complex networks of software systems and their connections.

In most of the systems running today, these connections have been implemented case-by-case so that the two systems are able to transfer data but it’d be quite difficult for any third system to use the same interface for connecting into same services. As the number of this kind of tailored point-to-point integrations can grow into huge numbers in one enterprise system, it can be a real maintenance nightmare to keep the whole system operational.

Above that, if these systems and their interfaces have been poorly documented, it can become hard to tell which the exact responsibility of each of these systems is. As new requirements for the overall system emerge, it might happen that some functionality is duplicated in the subsystems which adds to the complexity making things even worse.

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BY Jani Nieminen, Software Developer, Profit Software

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