Reliable digitalisation for the insurance business

Digitalisation, increasing transparency requirements and heavy price competition are making change a must in the insurance business. Legacy systems are simply not up to the task.

Customers not only expect online service, but are also increasingly choosing a vendor and buying online. The need for accelerated development of new products and faster time to market is clear. Digitalisation also provides automation opportunities and cost benefits. Competitiveness necessitates the smart deployment of tools that support the digitalisation of processes.

Profit Life&Pension is developed to meet these needs and to help our customers businesses succeed.

Profit Life&Pension

Profit Life&Pension is a solution for L&P insurers that we have developed based on our 20 years of dedicated experience in the insurance business and insurance business IT. Close cooperation with several customers in deployment and maintenance projects has taught us a great deal about how to run processes smoothly – and how IT can support us. Profit Life&Pension was developed based on our experience and industry best practice.

It covers all key processes – including product development, sales, service and claims management – and automates them as much as possible.

A reliable, trusted solution for maximum added value

Profit Life&Pension is based on Java EE standards. Its service-oriented architecture and web application programming interfaces (APIs) support smooth integration with other applications and technologies in order to facilitate the deployment process. The modular structure is based on Profit Platform. It provides users with a set of core technology components, as well as a flexible and fully web-based user interface that provides the critical building blocks and services for all Profit Life&Pension applications, called Profit Modules. Profit Life&Pension can be implemented to support specific product lines and functionalities or as a full-scope solution.

Profit Life&Pension not only provides the functionalities needed to run an insurance business, it also includes a rich set of supporting tools, such as a policy conversion engine and an insurance product configurator. These tools further extend Profit Life&Pension’s functionality to areas that are not typically a part of overall solutions, yet are essential to efficient life-cycle management.

All of this, backed up by our continuous commitment to improved quality, is what makes Profit Life&Pension one of the most reliable and trustworthy solutions in the industry.

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“We chose Profit Software after a careful evaluation of possible suppliers. They have knowledge of life insurance, a good product and they have shown commitment during the whole project. We can now state that the outpayment system, as well as our co-operation is working excellently.”

Susanna Malmsten,Head of Development, Länsförsäkringar Fondliv AB

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