Highlights and features

The Profit Property&Casualty platform includes a suite of software modules for the management of private, commercial, personal and vehicle insurance lines. Profit Property&Casualty offers parameterised services for managing insurance products, business rules and workflows.

Profit Property&Casualty

Profit Property&Casualty processes cover the whole policy life cycle.

The solution provides:

  • Sales, underwriting and care processes in a single platform
  • Claims management, with broad and intuitive user interfaces for registering, managing and paying out claims

Full-featured product management offering:

  • Efficient tools for defining new and maintaining existing insurance products
  • Intuitive tools for maintaining and customising business rules

Mathematical module for all calculations:

  • Incorporates parameterised calculation rules
  • Includes services for defining insurable object values, insurance premiums, benefits such as bonuses and discounts, and tax calculations
  • Reduces maintenance costs by centralising all calculations into a single solution

Client management:

  • Includes services for managing individual and corporate clients
  • Enables specification of client and policy ownership in accordance with the organisational structure



  • Client since 1993
  • Solution: commercial lines
  • Users: Over 300 users in 60 branches


  • Client since 1994
  • Solution: households, commercial and motor insurance (incl. MTPL)
  • Channels: 35 branches, car dealers, vehicle inspection agencies, online insurance services