Customer satisfaction is our core value

Trust is an absolute must in running the core business process solution of insurance service provider.

Since our establishment in 1992, we have successfully delivered a hundred projects in nine countries and gained over 50% market share in Finland and the Baltic States. Our customer relationships that extend well over 10 years are the best proof of trust we have gained. You can find some of our references below.


“Version upgrade has brought us significant benefits compared to earlier production versions. We have been able to cut savings insurance platform technical debt by a sizable degree and improved technical quality compared to last year.”


“The solution meets OP Life Assurance’s high demands related to effective policy and claims management, bank level security and business-critical performance. In implementation, it was crucial to manage data conversions without any disturbance in the business processes. I was very pleased to see that Profit Software in cooperation with our team successfully managed a smooth migration.”

Ilkka Lohi, Head of Insurance Business

Aktia Life Insurance Ltd

“We have worked with Profit Software for many years. We have recently upgraded new PLP versions which have helped us to reduce manual work and enabled us to launch new services for our clients. We are satisfied with Profit Software’s insurance expertise and service attitude.”

Fennia Mutual Insurance Company

“Our Yritysturva front-office solution has been in production for more than 16 years and it is used by approximately 300 users country-wide. The production status is very stable and the users are satisfied with the solution.”

Ritva Vapalahti, Director, Application Development


  • Businesses now owned by Vienna Insurance Group served in all Baltic countries since 1997
  • Solution: unit linked, personal risk and group pension products all supported from a single service center

Mandatum Life

  • Client in Finland; also served in Norway and
    the Baltics
  • Solution: unit linked pensions and savings (with
    risk riders), capital redemption products and a
    group pension offering


  • Client since 1994
  • Solution: a full-scale insurance system for private and
    commercial lines